PE Review Course: February - April 2010

If you are preparing for the April 2010 Civil PE exam, the following could be of interest to you.

Dr. Indranil Goswami, P.E., author of the book All in One Civil Engineering PE: Breadth and Depth Exam Guide (McGraw Hill Professional, June 2009) has been teaching a review course for the Principles and Practice of Civil Engineering (PE-CIVIL) for the past 9 years in a classroom oriented setting. To date, his review course boasts a pass rate significantly higher than the national average.

Starting in February 2010, Dr. Goswami will offer the PE Review course online in the form of webinars. The course will be offered over a 2 ½ month period (10 weeks), with two 3-hour meetings each week. The total contact time for the course will be 60 hours. Tentative start date is Tuesday, February 2, 2010.

The course is well balanced, paying approximately equal weight to all 5 subdisciplines within civil engineering. Approximate coverage of topics will be:

The reduced time allocated to Construction is due to the interdisciplinary and overlapping nature of this sub-discipline, as many topics under that umbrella are covered elsewhere in the course.

Each 3-hour module will contain 2 ½ hours of formatted instruction/review plus ½ hour to address questions from the class attendees. A typical session will be formatted as follows:

One of the advantages of having a single instructor for all modules of the course is that some of the overlapping topics do not need to be given double coverage, thus saving time and resources that can be used to broaden the impact of the course.

Course philosophy:

This is a review course. The presumption is that a well-intentioned candidate will have reviewed relevant topics before attending any of the modules. Therefore, rather than lecturing on concepts as if they are new, these concepts will be taught through solving of relevant, PE-type problems. In a typical 50 minute review .hour. approximately 8-10 relevant problems will be presented and discussed. The class attendees are encouraged to send in additional questions/topics for discussion.

Practice Test:

On the very last day of the course, students will be sent a full (8-hour) practice test. Solutions will be sent out after a reasonable interval (2-3 days) during which course attendees have had an opportunity to take the test. Between the end of the course and the PE exam, students may exchange information, ask questions on the course blog.

The way questions will be handled:

If you have a particular question relevant to the upcoming module, send in your question at least within the end of the day prior to the module. The webinar session will also allow students to type in a question during the lesson. These questions will be addressed during the periods reserved for questions.

What equipment you will need:

Web access, headphones (for audio)

Course time (tentative):

The review course has optimum benefit if it is given close to the exam (so, the 2 month class for the April 2010 exam will start February 2nd, 2010 and end April 8th 2010. The PE exam is scheduled April 16th 2010. In my opinion, a course like this is of maximum benefit if someone comes to it AFTER having spent a good deal of time on studying on their own, because then the class is truly a REVIEW.

What it costs:

$1095.00 incl. all course material (see below)

What you will receive:

How to register: